A poll commissioned by 20th Century Fox revealed the Star Wars weapon, the Light saber, is considered the best movie weapon in movie history.

The weapon beat out other historic weapons made memorable in several movies, such as the crossbow from Robin Hood, the gold gun from James Bond: The Man With The Golden Gun, and the legendary machine gun used by Tony Montana in the classic gangster flick, Scarface.

According to The Press Association, the final poll results were determined by the collected votes of 2,000 respondents.

The light saber, which emits a beam of concentrated energy that comes with a signature hum, was portrayed in the Star Wars movies as capable of cutting through virtually any solid material. If deactivated, the weapon is a mere tube of metal about a foot long.

Star Wars fans have identified with the light saber as an all-important weapon, with the color of the light dependent on whether the owner was good (blue or green) or evil (red).

The poll showed the .44 Magnum from Dirty Harry trailing the light saber at second spot, followed by the whip wielded by Indiana Jones.

The samurai sword from Kill Bill and the chainsaw from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre came in fourth and fifth, respectively.